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USPS International Tracking, USPS SHipping Rates

USPS International Tracking

USPS is one of the most well-known and popular government organizations that offer premium USPS international tracking to its customers. Hence international customers can now rely on the organization for timely delivery of orders and at the same time keep track of the orders.

With the USPS International tracking facility offered by the company, one can get a true picture of the delivery date and by when can they expect to get the package at their doorstep. So in this article, we are going to provide you detailed information about USPS international tracking and how to do the tracking online!

USPS business hours  International Tracking Service

For users who wish to gain complete information on tracking and international shipping they can check the official web portal for results. And those who want to put their USPS mail on hold can go through this article. With this tracking service, customer undoubtedly would be ankle to get confirmation status of their shipment and also real time status as to where the product is placed.

Hence this shall make things pretty much simple for the customers to have access to and stay informed. Before you do USPS international tracking, let me show you some of the amazing features of USPS International Mail! Here you go!

Features of USPS International Mail Tracking

This amazing USPS international tracking service is offered to all the citizens based in the US and seeking service from the organization.
With this tracking service, a user is enabled to keep track of their package location and also expected time of delivery to the ordered address.
While opting for USPS international shipping, customers are eligible to avail free package pickup service to home or office work place only on working days but not on holidays. 🙂
The international shipment might take 6-10 days of time; hence before shipping the order it is essential for the customer to stay informed on this fact.
The tracking service is accessible for all the customers residing across the borders of the country.
While availing services from USPS, customers are granted USD 100 insurance for a non-negotiable document while there is USD 200 cover for a loss of any things while transportation.
USPS International Mail

The international tracking service offers various benefits to its users and customers. The goods are delivered with estimated time and an appropriate track of the parcel is kept throughout with the help of international tracking service. Customers along with this are also served with additional options as mentioned below;

Priority mail services: Priority mails can be chosen by customers, wherein the parcel is delivered within 6-10 business working days.
Global express guaranteed: Through global express, the delivery of package or consignment is guaranteed to be delivered within 1-3 business days.
Priority mail express: It is comparatively offered at low rates, wherein the shipment is delivered to the final ordered address within 3-5 business days.
With all these international shipment options, customers have the chance to keep a track of their orders and find out by when the goods are expected to reach the given address.

USPS International Tracking Countries

All the countries are not providing this USPS international tracking service to its clients. In order to assist the customers, the USPS locations are given down at one place! Have a glimpse at them now!

Australia Great Britain
Belgium Northern Ireland
Canada Hungary
Croatia Israel
Estonia Latvia
Finland Lithuania
Germany Malaysia
Netherlands Spain
New Zealand Switzerland
So this is all about the features of USPS international mail and the countries where USPS provides international shipping. Meanwhile, let us inform you that USPS international shipping charges vary from country to country. To know the shipping charges, you can use USPS international shipping calculator.

How to Track USPS International Mail on http://www.USPS.com

Once you are done reading the above information, you can easily do USPS international tracking by visiting this page or just follow the below given detailed guide:

#1. The very first step is to copy your USPS Tracking number!

#2. Now click this link to visit the USPS International Tracking page.

#3. On the right top corner, you will find a search box where you need to enter the USPS International tracking number.

#4. Now press enter after copying the number in the search box and wait for the results.

#5. Once the page loads completely, you will get your USPS international tracking number with status live.

ups tracking

ups tracking number

USPS Priority Mail Tracking And International Flat Rate Box

USPS Priority Mail Tracking

USPS is considered as one of the cheapest shipping portals available for customers or users to ship postal from one place to another and the most efficient is USPS Priority Mail Tracking! The shipping portal services are available at affordable ranges which enable users to have access to quick and easy shipping services.

The speed of shipping is quite rapid, owing to which the parcels are delivered within 1 to 3 days in the usual circumstances. The maximum duration of delivery of goods is 2 to 5 days, provided the parcel is sent to cities within the United States. But if you feel you need to hold your mail for some time, you can follow our detailed guide of how to hold USPS mail for more than 30 days! 🙂

Today, in this article, I am going to show you how to track USPS Priority Mail. It’s simple and easy, believe me! But before you go down the procedure of USPS Priority Mail tracking, let’s have a look at different packages and all flat rate boxes!

Delivery of Packages

Whenever the packages are sent using first class service, customers shall receive confirmation on delivery. With this service, customers can conveniently keep a track of their package during the shipment process. However, if the weight of the package is more than 13oz, it is preferable to opt for USPS priority mail. Except for the package weight, delivery time and other aspects of priority mail are the same.

Preference of USPS Priority Mail Tracking

One of the most amazing things about Priority mail is that it gives customers numerous box choices depending on the weight of their package. Below we have mentioned short description about priority mail box options available with the company.

#1. Priority Mail Regional Box

The cost of using this option is based on the weight of the package and also distance covered for transporting the package. This default method can opted for computing the cost of delivery using USPS shipping option.

#2. Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box

While using this option, the person is charged a flat rate of Re. 1 regardless of the fact that what is the weight of USPS special box. The box measures approx. 8 11/16” x 5 7/16” x 1 ¾”. Hence the boxes can be conveniently used for shipping electronic items or brochures throughout the city and for international shipping as well!

#3. Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box

This is a superior version of the small flat rate box and is available in two different versions or sizes which can be chosen depending on the requirement of a user.

#4. Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box

United States Postal Service offers another large flat rate box which can be used to shifting bulk or heavy weight parcels from one place to another.

The priority mail services are offered by the company, to provide customers with quick delivery options which are somewhat similar to first class services. It is an extension of quality in services, which brings in more reliability and dependability of customers on the company. The best thing about these Priority Mail services is, it is offered for free and can be easily accessed by logging on to the official website of the company. The order can be comfortably placed on the official online portal, and the boxes shall be delivered free of cost at the destination.

USPS Priority Mail Tracking Online

Here’s the step by mberstep procedure to track USPS Priority mail online. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully

ups tracking

ups tracking number